The Kuryla Family - St. Charles, Missouri | St. Louis Family and Professional Portrait Photography

My last family photo shoot of 2017 just might have been my favorite, too!! This family of four opted for a winter shoot, and oh how I wish more people would book this time of year!! Seriously, contact me anytime and let's chat about the best month to get the family photos you're dreaming of!!

Emily + Ryan contacted me about getting family photos, and they knew right away they wanted a winter theme. We picked a charming street in St. Charles, Missouri, one that's peppered with nostalgic storefronts, rustic decor, and vintage quality. We spent a few extra minutes ahead of time picking out the perfect winter outfits for each family member, and talked props - a retro sled and a cozy flannel blanket were musts.

It was a cold, blustery day in late December, and through my lens I saw rosy cheeks and the cutest little smiles on little ladies Grace and GiGi. These girls were in such good moods and we had so much fun twirling on Main Street, playing in the snow, and stopping for a mid-shoot treat at a local candy shop!

One thing you'll always get in a photo shoot with me - no rushing! I'm never in a hurry and will always make sure we get the best possible shots, even if that means taking a break for fudge and homemade taffy. Hey, we gotta keep the kids happy, right?! ;)

Family walks down Main Street in St. Charles, Missouri at the holiday season with two young children, wearing knit hats and warm winter clothes including boots and mittens.
A young girl smiles while wearing a knit hat, mittens, and a peacoat sits on a wooden sled under a red flannel blanket on a cold winter day.
Young girl wearing knit hat and peacoat and mittens enjoying a winter afternoon in St. Charles, Missouri near the river.
Young family with a toddler and a baby girl walk while pulling a sled along the riverbank in St. Charles, Missouri. The girl wears a knit hat and Ugg boots with her peacoat and mittens.

No matter the season, you can have beautiful photos taken with your loved ones! Hiring a professional photographer is the key - do a little research and find a photographer who has examples of work taken throughout the year and a flexible attitude about last-minute changes. (If the weather changes, you might have to change locations at the last minute!)

Either way, don't let another year go by without having your photo taken! Your parents, children, and generations to come will thank you for it.

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The Sifford Family | Kansas City, Missouri | Colorado + Missouri Family Photography

I've been so busy taking Fall Family Portraits that I'm now behind on my blogging! That said, it's super fun to look back at these photos of the wonderful families I worked with months ago and get to re-live the fun all over again!

You may or may not know I grew up in the sweet, wholesome state of Missouri, although I've lived in Colorado for almost a decade. I make my way back to the midwest a few times a year to visit family & friends, and to photograph as many of the wonderful people there I can squeeze into each trip!

This past summer during a visit to Kansas City, I had the privilege of photographing the incredibly FUN family of April + Dave. Here are a handful of my favorites from our photo shoot at KC's Loose Park - I think you'll smile just as big as I did when you see little Will's goofy faces! Both boys, Jack + Will, were full of awesome energy and loved having their pictures taken. And of course, I just had to include the family's goldendoodle Abner in as many photos as possible - he was just as happy as the rest of his family since the whole photo shoot felt like a playdate for him!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments after browsing through the below photos, and don't forget to get in touch with me soon to schedule YOUR family portrait session! October is 100% the best month of the year to get your loved ones together for photos, and just in time for your holiday cards!! :)

Brothers in Kansas City holding hands at Loose Park during family photo shoot with big smiles
Man and woman snuggling at Loose Park in Kansas City on a sunny Summer day
Husband and wife laugh while holding each other in a loving embrace during outdoor photo shoot in Kansas City at Loose Park on a Summer morning
Young boy with his goldendoodle family dog at Loose Park in Kansas City playing fetch with ball
A Kansas City family with two young boys sits in grass relaxing during photo shoot

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The Rhoads Family | Granby, Colorado | Denver Family Photographer

Last week I made the gorgeous drive through the Rocky Mountains, over the winding Berthoud Pass and through Winter Park, where I met the Rhoads family of five (six if we count Tebow, their goldendoodle!) for some family photos at Lake Granby.

A St. Louis family poses for a portrait in the Rocky Mountains near Lake Granby during a session with KellYeah Photography based in Denver, Colorado.

Oh how Mother Nature blessed us!! The rain had been pouring all afternoon and stopped just as we gathered for our photo shoot. I had chosen a special spot I'd recently found while scouting mountain locations. With the incredibly picturesque Lake Granby and stunning mountain peaks as our backdrop, we were full of laughs as I snapped away and captured some beautiful memories of the Rhoads' family vacation.

A young male college student poses near a rock and a lake in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado during an outdoor photo shoot with KellYeah Photography.
A high school senior girl from St. Louis, Missouri gets her photo taken in the Colorado mountains.
A young man from St. Louis, Missouri poses on a rock next to a lake in the mountains of Colorado for a photo shoot with KellYeah Photography.
A beautiful young lady hugs her goldendoodle dog during a family photo shoot in the mountains near Lake Granby, Colorado.
A boy and his dog sit in front of a lake in the mountains of Colorado for a photo session with KellYeah Photography.
A high school boy and his goldendoodle dog take a photo together in the Colorado mountains with KellYeah Photography.
A husband and wife sit on a rock near Lake Granby in the Colorado Rocky Mountains during a family photo shoot with KellYeah Photography.

It was only a week prior that I'd gotten a call from Amy, asking if I'd meet her family in the mountains to take photos during their summer vacation to Colorado. After driving cross-country from St. Louis, Missouri (dog in-tow!), they settled into their cabin and kicked off their trip with a family portrait session.

Siblings gather with their goldendoodle dog for a portrait in the mountains during a Colorado family photo shoot with KellYeah Photography.

Are you planning a trip to Colorful Colorado? I'll meet you in the mountains to capture memories for YOUR family in the most picturesque settings!

Life is full of fun adventures that should be captured in photos to last a lifetime!

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Newborn Evelyn Josephine | Family and Baby Photographer | Denver, Colorado

Welcome to the world, sweet Evie Jo!

Newborn babies are full of surprises - tiny smiles, unexpected giggles, and that firm little grip on your finger. :) I recently stopped by the home of newborn Evelyn Josephine (nicknamed Evie Jo by her adorable parents), and boy was I surprised by how angelic this little lady is!

Her mom and I slipped some angel wings on Evie's back, and just like magic I was able to soothe her into the most peaceful little pose. (Thank God for milk comas!)

Born in June, Evelyn has an exciting summer ahead of her! Before long, she'll be cooing and crawling. Being a newborn photographer is such an honor - I absolutely love being a part of a baby's first two weeks and capturing the sweetness of this stage of life.

Having a baby soon? Schedule your newborn session for the first two weeks of baby's birth to get these angelic poses! I offer custom photo sessions based on your interests, and I can easily set up a studio in your home, which my clients find is most comfortable for them and easiest for newborns. Contact me and let's chat!

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Treat yourself (or someone you love!) to a portrait session with KellYeah Photography! Life is full of fun adventures that should be captured in photos to last a lifetime!

The Hueseman Family | City Park - Denver Colorado | Family Portrait Photographer

With 2 year-old Otto in tow, Jordan + Reanne recently met me at Denver's City Park for some springtime family photos! We got there right before sunset, and were blessed with great weather and a happy kiddo.

It was well into the shoot before the gummy bears no longer worked to get smiles from little Otto, but his playful attitude, adorable outfit, and total adoration of his parents made for some awesome photos. :)

This family is a repeat client of mine, and I always love when they want to have photos taken. They're such genuinely kind people, and watching their family grow has truly been a pleasure!!

Contact me to set up your own family photo session in Colorado! This is the time of year to do it, and I am bursting with awesome ideas for locations and poses. :)


Treat yourself (or someone you love!) to a portrait session with KellYeah Photography! Life is full of fun adventures that should be captured in photos to last a lifetime!