Courage Classic Bicycle Tour | Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

During training season for the 2017 Courage Classic bicycle tour, which takes place July 22-23, I met up with one of the bike tour's seasoned athletes, Kim, to get some inspiring photos of her on the trails!

An athletic woman in Colorado sits near her bike after a long bicycle ride to soak in the sun and enjoy the scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

Supporting Children's Hospital Colorado patients and their families, the Courage Classic welcomes 2,000 riders every year to bike for two days over Rocky Mountain passes, ending in scenic Copper Mountain.

The adventure starts early for athletes like Kim, who has been training for months in preparation for the high altitude and steep mountain climbs.

An athletic female bike rider in Colorado adjusts her bike as she trains for the Courage Classic bicycle tour in the Rocky Mountains.

I followed Kim into the foothills of the Rockies to get some action shots of her, and boy did we luck out with a warm breeze at sunset and the trails to ourselves. I love seeing athletes like Kim following their passions and inspiring all of us to get outside, do good in the world, and push yourself!

You can follow Kim's cycling team, The Frequent Flyers, on Instagram. As a physician's assistant, Kim and her team are all members of the Children's Hospital Colorado Emergency Medicine staff. They're a group of inspiring women who know how to make dirt & sweat look good!

Click here to LEARN MORE about the Courage Classic!
Click here to DONATE to this wonderful organization!
Click here to HEAR FROM PATIENTS who have been affected by the support of the Courage Classic.

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Professional Headshots and Portraits | Denver Colorado Photographer

Doesn't it seem like we all know someone who is either looking for work, building their own business, trying to expand their network or climb up the corporate ladder?

One of the smartest things you can do as you grow in your career is to have a professional portrait taken. You should also update your headshot any time you make a big change to your look, OR to your job. Got a promotion? It's time to update that headshot! Want a promotion? It's time to update that headshot and show how serious you are about investing in your brand and your company.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Stand Out!
    Competition is fierce, both among start-up companies and among job-seekers. A great headshot makes you memorable, especially when taken by a professional who will help you capture your best self.
  2. Be Approachable.
    People like to talk with people they're familiar with. As silly as it may sound, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a nice photo of yourself will make you much more interesting to recruiters and clients.
  3. Be Taken Seriously.
    A professional photo (versus an iPhone photo) is high-resolution, so it will look good on any website or in print. The worst thing is when you have a nice photo of yourself, but it becomes pixelated and blurry once uploaded to a website. Make a great first impression with a quality photo of yourself, not an amateur one.
  4. Stay Memorable!
    Perhaps you've had a professional headshot taken before...but it's been years. It's time to get a new one! Recruiters and clients alike are constantly scoping us out online (whether on LinkedIn, your website, social media, etc.), and if your headshot seems outdated - it's obvious.

I can't stress enough the importance of having updated professional photos - it does wonders for your business and for your career outlook. So today, I encourage you to take a hard look at your current headshot, and ask yourself if it's time for an update.

When you're ready, contact me to schedule your photo session with KellYeah Photography! Headshots and portraits are one of my specialties! I love working with different people, finding the best location that matches your personality and industry, and capturing natural smiles that represent your best self. I really can't wait to help you gain confidence and grow in your career!

What I'll Deliver:
- ideas + recommendations for attire that will photograph well and match your style
- posing (all you have to do is show up!)
- location ideas - after learning about your goals, I'll come up with the perfect, unique location for your photos
- a comfortable experience with laughs and no awkward moments (the best way to get that natural smile!)

** Group sessions offered at a discounted rate. If you have a team of 2 or more, scheduling your photo session at the same time is a great way to make sure everyone on your team has updated headshots that have a similar look & feel.

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Caitlin + Byron | Leesburg, Virginia | Colorado and Destination Wedding Photographer


Oh what FUN it was to frolic on this historic Virginian plantation home, classically named the Rust Manor House, as I followed around sweet & sassy Caitlin, today's bride and the center of everyone's attention.

This 68-acre property has all the goodies for a beautiful wedding - lush forests, flowering meadows, trees as old as time, an enchanting house decorated by a grand staircase in the foyer, and filled with rooms that could tell centuries-old stories.

The bride and groom currently reside in the mountains of Utah, but arranged for their guests to meet in Caitlin's home state of Virginia to celebrate the start of their new life together. When I landed in Virginia to photograph this wedding, the sky was blanketed in dark spring rain clouds, and literally the only day it didn't rain was on Saturday, April 1 - the day Caitlin + Byron would say "I do."

Caitlin thought of it all:
- bridesmaids each wearing their individual choice of a floor-length floral gown, resulting in a bridal party that looked like a bouquet of beauties!
- lawn games for the guests to play during cocktail hour in the garden
- a fire pit outside of the reception tent with a table of fixins for s'mores
- late night donuts
- Irish dancing music to pay homage to her father, who immigrated from Ireland
- family-style dinner tables, which made a large wedding seem like an intimate affair

I'm so thrilled for this adorable couple (and parents to two bunny rabbits), who will be heading to Iceland for their honeymoon! Got some good advice on Iceland (or on marriage?) - please leave a comment for the happy newlyweds!!

Photographer: KellYeah Photography
Bar ServiceGreat Blue Heron
Caterer: Old Blue BBQ
Wedding Planner: Plan To Be Tied
DJ: Ryan Paladino